biology essay

Weekly Essay – These should answer the inquiry by incorporating the week’s work in your own words.No quotes. No paraphrasing. All in your own wordsand turned in to the proper assignment slot in CANVAS. Use a basic 5 paragraph essay style, support your points with data and critical thinking.  No late submissions. No makeups. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE .doc, .docx, OR .pdf  OR it is a zero (0), no extensions/no resubmissions for wrong file format.This week’s topic:Essay 10: How canFOP(Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive)serve to teach you about bone and teach you about cell development (from totipotent cell, to pluripotent, to fully differentiated). Make sure to include your CANVASwork assignments, your thoughts on the lectures/links/discussion, with an eye to critical thinking and supporting your arguments with DATA. (5 paragraphs please: intro, body, conclusion) (Graded)

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