Biology homework (DUE IN 12 HOURS)

Use the following resources to give you a visual, and to help you answer these questions. I will lecture on the induction of the lytic cycle throughout this week. Your textbook does not provide enough information.Resource #1 (video): #2 (text that will help you answer the questions below): you cannot access the second weblink on the homework assignment. Use the one below:     What is the main difference between the lytic and lysogenic cycle? (1 point)2.     What is a temperate phage? (1 point)3.     What is lysogeny? (1 point)4.     In your own words, what proteins and promoters are involved in the induction of the lytic cycle (2 points each: no more than 40 words per answer):a.     Immediate early stage:b.     Delayed-early stage:c.      Late stage:5.     What is a prophage? (1 point)

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