Biology-Learn how to use the Web of Science to find primary literature

First, view these tutorials:, go to Web of Science.Go to “Find” then “Articles Database” and scroll down to the “Web of Science” link.Use the Web of Science to find an article about green fluorescent protein and its use.  Choose any topic that interests you from the GFP website down your search terms that you used in Web of Science and the citation of the article that you found.Also, find a cited article within that paper and write down its citation(hint, as explained in the tutorial:  in Web of Science, in the column on the right is the “cited by” resource)AssignmentSubmit the following:- a brief summary of the study’s findings- your search terms,- the primary article citation (authors, date, title, journal, pp)- the citation for article that cites your primary articleDue Sunday at 11PM EST

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