Biology question due in 2 hours!

Studies on the effects of food additives, in particular artificial food dyes such as Red-40, Yellow-5, and Blue-2, have been conducted since the 1970’s. The results of these investigations show that some additives can cause cancer or influence other conditions (e.g., allergies, asthma) in animal models. Despite the evidence, these findings have been discounted in most major countries. Critics suggest that the history of food additives is cause for concern, and that some of these decisions are made in the interests of multi-billion dollar food industries. Proponents argue that testing of food additives is already sufficient.Task: Investigate the effects of consumption of artificial food dyes on adults and children. When investigating any contentious issue, you always should read through each website’s “About Us” link to help you understand their mission and identify potential biases and agendas. With that said, a good place to start is the website for theCenter for Science the Public Interest(opens window). Your goal is to answer the following questions (be sure to number each answer so it is clear which question you answering):Should food dyes be outlawed in the US? Why or why not?Will you try to avoid them in the future? If so, how will you do this?Remember to include the resources you used in your research and thoroughly explain your opinion. Be sure to cite and reference your sources in APA format

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