BSBINM601 manage knowledge and information

All in Q & A form. Below show all the answer.


Manage knowledge and information

Assessment 1

Task 1

  1. Identify, define and analyse the problem Bounce Fitness is facing?
  2. Identify what information you will require to provide to the CEO and Board of Directors to allow them to make a decision. Make a list.
  3. Investigate the information on the Fitness Australia website. How do you know the information you are gathering is reliable? Check the information and ensure that the information you select to use is not contradictory or ambiguous.
  4. How will you obtain anecdotal and other information not held in formal networks from the centres?

Task 2

  • 1)What are your objectives in conducting your analysis of the information gathered?
  • 2)Describe the patterns or trends emerging? Why do you think these are occurring and what has been the result?
  • 3)Use statistical analysis to assist in your interpretation. Conduct a ‘What If Analysis’ on the information. Include a copy of your analysis and describe what the outcome was?
  • 4)How have you ensured that your analysis has been conducted using a logical approach to the evaluation and conclusions drawn by you?
  • 5)How would you adjust any information collection systems currently in place? Include recommendations for improvements to the information collection in your final report.

Task 3

  • I.Do you have enough information to make valid, credible and reliable recommendations to the CEO and Board of Directors? How do you know that you have sufficient information and that it is valid and reliable? Document your recommendations- one must relate to the use of an information system to capture future information relevant to this project.
  • II.What risk management plans have you put into place to determine acceptable courses of action?
  • III.What quantitative methods did you use to assist your decision making?
  • IV.With whom would you consult when making decisions about information to use?
  • V.How have you ensured that any decisions taken on information use are within the appropriate authority of the decision maker?
  • VI.Explain how your recommendations are in the organisational objectives, values and standards of Bounce Fitness?

Task 4

Communication plan

Assessment 3

  • Give examples of 2 existing and emerging technologies and how they can be used in knowledge and information management.
  • Explain statistical analysis and other quantitative methods commonly used in decision making. You must include a least three of:
  • What do you understand by “management information system” and “decision support system”? What are the characteristics of a good Management information system?
  • Explain how to utilise risk management plans to determine acceptable courses of action.
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