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Topic: Buddhism and Hinduism
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Directions: Provide essay answers for the following questions. Consult the attached Exam Evaluation rubric regarding how to answer the questions.
Remember: Your audience is someone who is NOT taking this class. She needs to have the concepts clearly and completely explained.
1. Present and explain the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths. Do you think the Buddha made a legitimate interpretation of human existence and the way to respond to its difficulties? Why? Why not?
2. Describe one of the 4 types of Yoga of Hinduism. Present its strengths and weaknesses as it relates to helping a practicing Hindu achieve transcendence. (A complete answer will give a summary of the basic concepts of the yoga you’ve chosen as well as the concept of transcendence. It will also include mention of the specific type of personality which underlies the choice of this particular yoga. Finally your answers need to distinguish “Transcendence” as part of the path of renunciation, from the paths of desire and their limits.)
Note: The source for the answers should from Huston Smith’s The World’s Religions

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