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Select a well-known publicly traded company from SP500 (I suggest to use the first letter of your first or last name to make your choice) (W or P). Visit the company’s website, download financial statements and in a report (no more than 1500 words exclusively, i.e. graphs and data do not count) answering the following questions.
1). Describe the company’s portfolio of businesses. 2). What types of goals have been set by management to improve efficiency in operations, and have those goals been met? If yes, why, if no, why? 3). On the basis of the company’s performance through 2014 (depending on the available information, at least assess performance up to 2013) , do you think that CEO of your company and his/her management team has done a good job? Has this impression changed your view or analysts view based on the company’s recent performance? 4). Calculate the DuPont Equation of the company and compare it with other major competitor, industry average. Explain what you see and how the management team can improve, in which area, be specific and provide recommendations.

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