Business strategies: during and before the EU economic crisis. –

Topic: Business strategies: during and before the EU economic crisis.
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This dissertation should be done carefully in order to meet all the requirements. The topic of the dissertation provides two different variables (during and before the crisis strategies) so the data analysis, collection, findings and the whole research should be done under comparison of those two variables. I have uploaded a file which shows all the detailed requirements for this dissertation. The research has to be done on a men’s clothing company in Cyprus which operates 6 stores across the country and has more than 10 employees running the business (find more info at: When you will prepare the data collection materials (questioners etc.) sent it to me in order to go by myself to the company and collect the data and insights you needed for the research . This dissertation should be no more than 7500 words. Please it is important to provide abstract, graphs or tables which is not included to the word count. Please read the file that i have uploaded in order to understand the structure of this dissertation. I hope that you will provide me the best possible communication and corporation in order to done successfully this research without the need to request revision or any other undesirable issues. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I demand to inform me once a week about the dissertation progress.

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