calculating safety stock with variable replenishment lead times reorder points and order quantities

This assignment has two parts. The first part is worth 50%, and involves 1) calculating safety stock with variable replenishment lead times for 97% customer service, and 2) calculating safety stock, reorder points, and order quantities for 99% customer service when the replenishment lead times are known. The second part involves completing an MRP output sheet (worth 50%).

1-Assignment #2 Data(1) (1) is the raw data. You will need to do the statistics before you can solve the problems.

2-MRP Example(1) is spreadsheet shows examples of MRP calculations.

3-MRP Assignment #2 Use this spreadsheet to complete your MRP calculations.

4-The MRP Process(1) This shows the MRP calculation process you will use for your assignment.

write the answers in a one page word document and describe how did you come up with each one.

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