To incorporate thorough research into a clear argument that traces the impact of The Jungle as well as why the specific objective of the novel is typically ignored.

In other words, you need to show me how this novel actually had an impact on the world after its publication, and you also need to argue why the very specific message of the novel was generally ignored, despite the fact that novel was so popular.

In The Jungle, we are presented with one of the finest examples of muckraking in the literary world. This novel has had a tremendous influence on the United States, and because of it, the systems that we have in place to ensure healthy food and sanitary conditions for workers exist; however, this was not the sole purpose of this novel. The incredibly strong socialist message inherent to it was largely ignored or dismissed. This is an interesting question as this book is so ingrained in American history, but the overall message has been missed. We can easily see how this book has impacted us, but we should also see how this book did not necessarily achieve its goal.

Your assignment is to write an 8 page, full MLA format essay that specifically traces the historical impact of this novel (from right after its publication to today) as well as attempts to answer why the socialist message of the novel was never embraced.

You must include at least 4 secondary sources that explore the historical impact of this novel. You may also use up to 2 secondary sources that explore why Sinclair’s message was not accepted (or even acknowledged) by the larger audience if you so wish. If you are having trouble starting your search, looking up the history of the FDA is a good start, but you should also look at the history of newspapers, magazines, and other avenues of investigative reporting.

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