Career development at Publix –

Career development at Publix
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This paper intends to describe Career growth or career development as one of the most important human resource (HR) practices within Publix Super Markets, Inc (Publix) and give recommendations pertaining to career development.
Publix assures that they have a “tradition of promoting within” (they call it career growth) (
I believe that this is one of the main reasons why Publix employees stay working at Publix for long time.
Divide the research in two,
1. Describe the HR practice or policy – research and describe practices or policies pertaining to career development or career growth at Publix. (suggestion 1.5 page)
2. Implications for HR Practices In Other Companies- what other companies can learn from the Publix HR practice (career development or career growth).
Analyze what you have learned during the research and extrapolate in order to make recommendations.
You are not expected to specifically discuss HR practices in other companies. Do not choose an specific company to compare to Publix.
Just mention companies in General, for example:
Companies that offer excellent career growth programs are able to attract employees and retain quality employees better than the companies do not. …
If employees feel stable and desire to growth they will remain in the company for a long period of time…. And therefore will promote organization’s success.
Thus, companies must pay attention to their employees’ career development.
(Suggestion 1.5 page)
3 pages, double spaced, APA style

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