Carefully craft a few substantive paragraph in responding to one of these topics.. Make sure your post is clear, organized and grammatical. These qualities are important in the estimation of Discussion grades. You may want to compose this short essay before posting. Take your time. Read the contributions of classmates before adding yours.

1. How does Descartes use the hypotheses of dreaming and/or the evil genius in applying his method of doubt?

2. Select one juicy passage in Med. 1. Present it, give a brief analysis of its role in Meditation 1 and explain why you selected this passage.

3. “I think, therefore I am” is known fondly as “the Cogito” (from the original Latin). What is D.’s argument for this foundational principle, and why is it important to his work as a whole?

Week Five Learning Resources

The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy РRen̩ Descartes

“Meditations on First Philosophy” by René Descartes

“How do you know you exist?” by James Zucker

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