case conceptulization

Case conceptualization refers to the process in which one makes sense of a student’s presenting concerns in the context of a theoretical framework. To this end, it refers to how one explains or understands the student’s symptoms, personality characteristics, cognitions, feelings, and behaviors in light of a particular theory or integration of theories. This understanding should lead to the formulation of goals and intervention strategies.

As such, you will use the case of Chris from Units 1– 4 in order to develop a treatment plan that gathers information (IG) and makes decisions (DM) based on the perspectives that have the potential to impact Chris’s mental health. You should specifically focus on multicultural factors and critically analyze (i.e., identify Chris’s presenting concerns) how his lived experiences impact his mental health prior to coming to see you. This paper can be written in a two- to three-page outline format (e.g., bullet points) and should not be a summary of each case summary.

the first part is information gathering and under it, bullet points for decision making. Make sure that you are using peer-reviewed journal articles to support your information gathering. The decision making is bullet points under each paragraph. GO back and watch the video, Make an outline of what Chris is saying. Find articles that support each of his presenting concerns, because that is how you need to slit your paper up. You need to make sure you are covering what is happening with Chris. Make sure that you are citing in APA, both in-text citations and reference.

the paper outline:

1. first paragraph: summarizations of the unit1-4 case video

2. then presenting concerns of the video, such as his biracial issue, his sexual orientation and him being a athletic at the school or his religion. please include the literature review or the article reference to support the concerns.

3. bullet point for the suggestion, or the action you will do as a school counselor for this concerns that Chris have( please use 1st person for this part )

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