case mnagment m2 discussion nancy

Please complete the required textbook readings and M2 Meet Nancy prior to attempting the discussion so you will have a guide to work from. After completing that here is what I would like you to complete in your initial posting:

  • Using the Ecological Model, assess Nancy’s situation, as it relates to the three specific levels Micro, Meso and Macro. Be sure to describe describe the different levels and types as appropriate.
    • For example, if Nancy needs assistance in developing parenting skills or assistance with marital communication you would be working at the micro level.
    • If the two of you feel that she needs help from a multitude of resources including various agencies, the school, family members, and friends, you would be working at the meso level.
    • If she cannot get a particular needed service from the county for her son, your intervention would be at the macro level if you were to meet with the county as her advocate.
  • Discuss some of your initial emotional responses while reading the case.
    • Were you able to relate to her personally and how could your own personal perceptions (counter transference) influence the services provided?
    • For example, if your a domestic partner works at a distance or you have a troubled teen, you may (wrongly) assume that Nancy’s situation is the same as yours which might lead to serious misunderstanding.
  • Examine appropriate boundaries (think privacy, confidentiality, and other ethical considerations), power distribution and give an example of how a worker could discourage Nancy and inhibit progress.
    • Identify the “rules for offering point of view” that could be applied.
  • In Chapter 6, clarifying responsibility is discussed. What might be “your problem” in working with Nancy?
  • Examine ways you could motivate Nancy to take active approach identifying and seeking services for her family?
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