Case study 6

In lieu of the Simulation that was originally planned for this Friday, February 28, 2020, I am asking you to complete a total of 1 case study. 
Here is what you need to do after reading *each* scenario:

1) Complete an SBAR for each patient/scenario as if you were going to be calling the provider for the patient 
2) ADPIE the patient/scenario. Write this out in detail and include constructs such as subjective and objective data 
3) Demonstrate the priority of care including what you would do first, second, etc. and why you would do that 
4) Create a detailed concept map of your choice on the patient/scenario 
5) Answer, in detail, the questions asked on each case study 
6) Name 1-3 things you learned completing this case study and 1-3 areas of knowledge you have that helped you complete this case study. 
Approx. the estimated time frame for this case study is about 3.45 hours which is the remaining clinical hours for this class. 

Note: submit them in APA format  include in Text citation
case study 6.pdf 


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