Case Study: Managing Transformation at National Computer Operations –

Case Study: Managing Transformation at National Computer Operations
In an essay respond to the following questions:
1. Develop a step-by-step organizational diagnostic process that should serve as the foundation for
later productive change initiatives. Describe who should be involved in this effort and what
kinds of diagnostic tools should be utilized.
2. Beyond the diagnostic process noted above, highlight the key steps in a subsequent
implementation plan and describe what specific kinds of problems might occur as this plan was
implemented within the case context.
DB 4.2 Personal Reflection:
Imagine that you are a divisional manager in a multi-divisional health care organization sometime in
your future professional career. Your CEO has asked you to conduct a diagnostic process that deeply
probes the reasons for poor customer service ratings your division has received from a recent customer
service audit. Think about your own specific personality and associated strengths and weaknesses as a
leader and manager and answer the following question: What might I do in this situation that could
result in less than optimal results from this diagnostic process that grows out of my own inevitable
leadership weaknesses?
Be honest…we all have weaknesses….

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