causal argument essay 2

This essay is a causal argument having to do with the appeal of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic stories or movies. You will be required to use evidence from Alas, Babylon(it’s a book written by Pat Frank, you can search for summary online) and the movie 28 Days Later(I will send you the link to watch the movie); you may also use other evidence, including the following:

-other stories and films, including graphic novels
-Stephen King’s essay “Why We Crave Horror Movies,” you can also use it as a sample essay (I will attach it)
-additional sources

This essay will require two or three affirmative body paragraphs that argue for the causes YOU think are most likely.

The essay also requires a Big Mac counterargument paragraph that presents and responds to an alternative cause. The response needs to either utterly reject the cause or argue that the cause is not one of the top two or three. However, you cannot simply stop there; you must use reasoning and evidence to persuade readers that this cause is not plausible or instrumental.

Big Mac Counterargument:

This essay requires a Big Mac counterargument paragraph that presents and responds to an alternative cause. Simply stating the opposing view is not enough; as with any Big Mac, you must DEVELOP the opposition’s side with reasoning and evidence. You will not necessarily have DIRECT evidence in the form of a quotation from someone else; the evidence will often involve a close examination of a SPECIFIC phenomenon or scene from a text that you know well.

In addition, simple acknowledgment is not enough; you must reject the cause as either implausible or not important enough to make the top two or three causes–and, as with any Big Mac, you must support your refutation with persuasive reasoning and evidence.

Read the Big Mac Counterargument Template I attached.

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