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challenging presentation
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there would be a file upload. o Care analysis of a service user experiencing acute and challenging mental health problems:
Demonstrate a biopsychosocial understanding of a service users experience and an evidence based approach to your suggested intervention. The service user should have complex needs, which can offer challenges to services. An example of this might be:
A service user who is admitted informally to an acute in patient unit where the doors are locked. The service user may be presenting with depression, alcohol withdrawal ideas of self-harm, miss use of drug and paranoid and psychotic with delusional beliefs.
Care analysis should identify:
o • Service users presenting problems, from the biopsychosocial perspective such as refusal of blood taken, refusal of IM clozapine or risperidone, due to refusal of IM there will be increased risk of challenging behaviour and restraint and break down of nurse/service user.
o • Risk assessment and management
o • Recovery principles and engagement processes
o • Legal and ethical dimensions, such as deprivation of liberty
o • Role and responsibilities of the mental health nurse

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