Change Management Creative Leadership (A-plus Writer)


This is a great read, thank you for recommending it. Personally, I believe that the most insightful lesson to be learned from this article is what the authors of Leading Creatively: The art of making sense, Palus and Horth (2005), suggest are the competencies leaders should develop:

  • paying attention
  • personalizing
  • imaging
  • serious play
  • collaborative inquiry
  • and crafting 

While every single of these aspects merits importance, I believe that the most crucial skill to develop in order to be an effective leader is the skill of paying attention. Palus and Horth (2005) suggest that  “As a leader, the key is to create contexts in which both asking and responding to powerful questions is invited and supported (Pg. 3).”  Urging leaders to ask and respond to powerful questions is only one method to enhance a leader’s ability to pay attention. We live in a world where so many aspects of our everyday lives demand our attention, a leader must come to be comfortable slowing down and paying attention to the problem at hand by taking the time to examine its nature and context. 





APA style format should be used.  2 paragraph format (6-8 sentences per paragrhaph).  I need this assignment completed by 11:30 PM EST 10/06/2013.

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