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Channel Management
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assessment brief and the marking criteria attached with additional files, this will include guidelines and instructions on how to complete this piece of work. It will give you clear indications on
what you’ll need to do in order to achieve the right grade. The assignment will ask you to choose a specific business to base the work on in the beauty and personal care market, in this case the
company DOVE should be alright, the assignment may further ask you to choose a product in the brand aswell, in this case a DOVE product such as a cream should be ok. The files I am attaching should
cover any questions you may have towards this task, but I am happy to give any further assistance or instructions if needed. I previously made the same order but gave wrong instructions as I gave
the wrong company, I hope you ensure that the task is done under the DOVE brand as I mentioned my previous order I gave the wrong company but it is still the same task but based on DOVE. I will
attach the files and hope to receive this before my deadline. Once again I hope the writer can do it on the DOVE brand and NOT SONY. Thank You, Ahmed

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