CHapter 13 Critique/ 5 Arguments, & Critical Thinking questions –

CHapter 13 Critique/ 5 Arguments, & Critical Thinking questions
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Instruction: For this week please read Chapter 13 (Corrections), in your text and completes the required document. Your review document should include the following: (1) at least five major arguments presented in the chapter or at least five things you learned from reading the chapter, PLEASE NOTE – Just listing five items will not guarantee you full points, each point should be clearly identified (1, 2, 3, etc.) and discussed, and (2) a brief critique of the reading. (3) You are also required to raise at least one question from the reading and post this on the discussion board, in addition to stating this in your review document.
In addition to your review document please respond to the critical thinking questions listed below. Answer each part of the questions with succinct and comprehensive information, citing examples where appropriate.
1. Trace the historical development of prisons in the United States, beginning with the Pennsylvania system. How has correctional practice in America changed over time? What changes do you predict for the future?
2. What role do private prisons play in American corrections today? What will be the state of private prisons two or three decades from now?
3. Before the development of prisons there were other early forms of punishment, including flogging. Describe four of these early forms of punishment and explain why they were often seen as cruel and harmful to the convicted person.
4. Watch the video “Immigration Detention”
The news channel reports about the human cost of immigration laws.
Discussion: Discuss the human costs, and the pros and cons of deporting people who have lived in the US for decades, who have several children, and are not criminals. What has changed with President Obama’s proposed immigration laws?
5. Does imprisonment work? Discuss

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