chem100 write a report that describes your topic a current event social political issue drug pharmaceutical or an emerging technology related to chemistry

You pick the topic! Choose something that interests you, something that caught your attention in class. It can even be a topic we didn’t cover in detail in class. Almost every topic can have a chemistry connection. Even non-scientific fields such as history or art make use of chemistry.

Find a science related current article about a subject that interests you, written within the last three years. It can be a current event, social/political issue, or an emerging technology related to chemistry.

You may use a newspaper, a magazine, the internet. Below are some suggestions of sites where you can find science news:

Science News for Students:

Science News:

Science Daily:

The New York Times:

Popular Science:・American Association for the Advancement of Science:

Summarize the newly learned information from your two articles; do not use quotes from the source. Include how your article relates to Chemistry.

Give your thoughts/opinion on what you learned, including whether the peer reviewed scientific journal article supported or contradicted what was discussed in the news article.

This should be a complete paragraph: a topic sentence, 2 or 3 supporting sentences and a concluding sentence.

2 sources minimum: your news article and your peer-reviewed journal.

1000 words minimum

Here is how I suggest you format your paper:

  • description of what the article news article is about.
  • description about the findings/ information learned from the peer-reviewed journal article source.
  • description of the chemistry related to the articles.
  • explanation why this topic/technology interests you
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