chi 10 chicano history 1

Please closely consider the word “community.” The word “community” is central and linked to the “root idea” that is expressed in the founding document of Chicano Studies, El Plan de Santa Barbara. As we bring this quarter to a close describe how “community self-determination” is the ethos of the root idea, “Chicano.” What defines “community” and how have Fregoso, Chabram, Moraga, Galarte, Sandoval, Perez-Torres, and Luna articulated their vision for how community should be defined/envisioned/created. If community sel-determination is the method that unites Chicano engagement, as stated in EPDSB, what ideas/characteristics/methods hold this community together?

1. Discussion posts should be titled “Section-Discussion #-individual title” (for example A01- Discussion 3-Title). This title should be the first line in your text box response.

2. Discussion posts should be spell checked and proofed for readability and grammar.

3. Discussion posts should be no less than 300, 400 words max.

4. Discussion posts should properly cite readings and sources using MLA format. A bibliography is not needed for each discussion post entry but if you are citing a source it should citing using MLA parenthetical citations. Details on MLA format can be found here:… 5. Discussion posts should directly answer the question posed, utilizing applicable readings from the course to strengthen the argument/thesis (unless stated otherwise in the Discussion’s weekly question). Only readings from the course reader should be used as support for discussion posts. 6. Discussion posts can contain personal reflection and experience from the first person perspective. Depending on the question posed it may be necessary to write from your personal experience. The discussion entry is designed to encourage this form of writing yet the entry should be grounded in the course content from lecture/discussion, readings, films, and other visual aids brought into the course by the instructor. 7. Your discussion post will be viewable by students in your discussion section and will be used by the TA during discussion section to facilitate conversation. Please write these discussion posts with an understanding that you are going to be accountable for your writing to the students in your discussion section. 8. Each Discussion post entry is worth 5 points. Students will be graded in their discussion post using the following breakdown: 2 points for a thesis and direct answer to the question posed 1 point for good incorporation of the readings/course content into your post 1 points for style (proper citation, grammar, spelling, readability) 1 point for successful peer reviews


watch the documentary Precious Knowledge (from Kanopy)

add an additional (beyond the 300 words) one paragraph response as to how the documentary frames the contemporary landscape for continuing to persist and develop Ethnic Studies. Furthermore, in this paragraph reflect on your experience in CHI 10 in relationship to what the documentary visualizes.

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