child development disscussion 2

part 1: ( you don’t need the attachment for this one )

For this assignment, I’d like you to review and reflect on the three situations below. As you read each one, imagine that you are the care teacher in this scenario.

  • Toileting – A new parent explains to you that her one-year-old child is toilet trained and insists that you leave off the diapers.
  • Feeding – The mother of a toddler is upset by the mess she sees when she discovers that you would let him feed himself. She asks you to spoon feed her child as she does at home, “so he eats more, doesn’t get so messy, and less food is wasted.”
  • Napping – Another parent explains that his baby is used to falling asleep in someone’s arms, not by herself in a crib in a separate room. He asks that you hold the child until she goes to sleep each day.

Your thoughts and feelings are important and valid, but may sometimes come in direct conflict with those of a parent. It’s important to understand where these feelings come from and identify productive ways to move forward to be able to support the child and family.

For each of these scenarios, write a 1 paragraph reflection that includes responses to each of the following prompts. Your answers should reflect you own thoughts and feelings and do not have to match with the resolutions presented by the care teachers from our reading.

  1. Is there a potential cultural issue here between you and the parent? If so, identify the possible conflict. If not, explain why you are in agreement with this parent.
  2. What feelings do you have about this issue? Where do you think those feelings come from?
  3. How might you move forward and support this child and family in a culturally sensitive manner?
  4. How does this possible resolution make you feel?

Part 2: ( read the attachment )

  1. Identify 3 passages from this week’s reading assignment that were most insightful or meaningful for you. Quote each passage and discuss why this was particularly poignant for you.
  2. Describe how you might incorporate this week’s content into your work with infants, toddlers, and their families? If you are already working with infants and toddlers, what specifically will you do, when, and how? If you are not yet working with infants and toddlers, what do you want to remember from this week’s content and how might you use this information.
  3. What concepts from this week are still unclear for you?
  4. What other questions do you have or what information would you like me to know?
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