Chipotle company analysis –

Chipotle company analysis
This is the paper format from the class
please pay close attention to the details
Introduction (One paragraph)
General information about your company. (Location(s), number of employees, products or services provided, and other information that would enhance the reader’s knowledge of the company.)
Financial Analysis (Two paragraphs)
Paragraph on ratios (Profitability: ROA; Leverage: Debt –Equity; Liquidity: Current Ratio) of your company and ratios (same as for your company) of the industry, and comparison of your company’s ratios to industry ratios.
Paragraph on your analysis of your company’s ratios, and your analysis of the results of your comparison of your company’s ratios to industry ratios.
Issue (One paragraph)
Specifically define the issue that you selected from your updated SWOT as the most important issue for your company.
Issue can be problem or opportunity.
You should include detailed support for your issue. It should be sufficient to convince the CEO to take action(s).
Impact(s) (One paragraph)
What impact(s) does the issue have on your company’s operations?
Impact(s) can be positive or negative.
Positive—How the effectiveness and/or efficiency of company’s operations will improve if action on the issue is taken.
Negative—How the effectiveness and/or efficiency of company operations will be negatively affected if action is not taken.
You should include detailed support for your impact(s)
Cause(s) (One paragraph)
What caused or is causing the issue. You should identify root cause(s), not symptom(s).
You should include detailed support for your cause(s).
Recommendations (One-Two pages)
Your recommendations to correct the issue and eliminate the cause(s)
Support for your recommendations should be sufficient to convince the CEO that your recommendations will correct the issue and eliminate the cause(s), are workable in the company, and justify expenditures required to implement them.
Recommendations can be broad at first, but you must “flesh them out.” In other words, they must be actionable. What specific actions should management take to efficiently and effectively address the issue you have identified and correct the cause(s) that you have identified? For example, you selected Publix as your company and you identified an opportunity for the company to grow geographically. Your identification of an opportunity is a good start. However, you would need to identify specific locations. If you selected Mobile County, you should identify the location(s) in Mobile County. In addition, you should specifically determine the number of store units. Further, you should determine if all units should be established together or staggered. Also, you should determine if the company has the capability to pay for this growth and sources for the payment. These are some of the areas that you should include in your recommendation section. Finally, you should provide sound reasoning to support your recommended actions.
At the end of your recommendations section, you need to identify the key functional areas of the company that must be involved in implementation of your proposed recommendations. Functional areas for your consideration should include, but not limited to, production, marketing, human resources, and legal. Also, you should identify areas within the company which should be represented in the room when this decision is made. Further, you should determine whether identified functional areas should be involved on the front-end or simply responsible for carrying out the recommendations. In addition, you should identify the management level(s) (top, middle, first-line), and non-managerial personnel who are necessary to implement your recommendations.
Reference page(s)
List of references (8 minimum)

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