choose any venture idea you would like to undertake

Choose any venture idea you would like to undertake and provide the following:

1-Brief explanation of the idea and what are the consumers’ needs it will address (200-300 words) (1 mark).

2-Evaluate the financial potential of the idea with proper and realistic justifications (200-300 words) (1 mark)

3-Discuss how you realized the potential of this idea (100 words) (1 mark)

4-Analyze the size of the market of your idea (300-500 words) (1 mark)

5-Briefly discuss your competitions, existing substitutes to your ideas, threats of new entrants (300-500 words) (1 mark).

Assignment specific instructions:

1-Properly reference any used sources using APA-Style referencing.

2-The suggested word-counts is for guidance only. You will be marked based on quality of your work, not the quantity.

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