circular economy

DB 4: Circular Economy

In light of all the issues associated with circular economy, develop a framework to achieve sustainability and social responsibility while simultaneously, promoting equitable economic growth, environmental protection, and social well-being. Disposal of plastics seems to be a major menace to the world. Use any form of plastic to illustrate how you can manage the waste from plastic products using circular economy. I have provided you with a brief case study on the use of plastics to serve as a guide to your work (see the attached article). Your analysis should be all encompassing including issues of designing for the environment, extended producers responsibility, recycling, and circular economy. Of course, you should also discuss the issues of employment generation and economic growth. Also, develop a timeline that will cover both the short and long term and articulate what the deliverables will be, the metrics to use to ensure that they are achieved, and a monitoring scheme that will guide to the actualization of the circular economy.

your write up should be independent. It should not be too wordy and you can use bullet forms to articulate each stage of the work including the timeline. You have a maximum of 4 pages for your work.

Please note that you have to go through the article and PowerPoint slides before getting to the work

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