collaborative leadership reflection

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 9 and 10 of the textbook, and the web page The 10 NAEYC Program Standards (Links to an external site.). A large part of growing as a leader is reflecting on one’s knowledge and skills and developing in areas of opportunity.

For this first part of this discussion forum, post, as an attachment, your PowerPoint or Prezi presentation from the Week 4 Leadership and Management Presentation assignment. Enter the topic or title of your PowerPoint presentation into the subject line and body of your post.

For the second part of this discussion, review the BA-ECEA Conceptual Framework, and complete the following requirements for your discussion post:

  • Explain how your Leadership and Management Presentation is aligned with the BA-ECEA Conceptual Framework.
  • Analyze what areas of the Conceptual Framework are demonstrated in your Leadership and Management Presentation.
  • Discuss how the BA-ECEA Conceptual Framework is important to understand as both a student in the BA-ECEA program, as well as an Early Childhood Education Leader.

I attacked the PowerPoint presentation so you can use

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