communcation 1

1. Locate a business article that contains something you’re interested in. But, to be eligible for this assignment, the article must have:

(1) the full name of the author;

(2) publication date after January 1, 2016;

(3) enough content to inform/persuade (use your judgement here– a 150-word Op Ed is probably not long enough); and

(3) full text that can be printed.

2. Print the article in its entirety.

3. Read and annotate the article. Only I will see this, however you may use your notes in future class periods. So, please come prepared to discuss.

4. Use a WORD document to answer the following (please write in third-person, present tense, 500-750 words excluding references):

(1) What is the article about?

(2) What are the implications for business? (Might be ethical, practical, etc.)

(3) Reference two other works that agree or disagree with an assertion from the piece.


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