company analysis 30

We choose Rogers Communication as our company . I do the 1-4 questions

General guidelines

Students may work and hand in the written project in groups of maximum four (4) people from the same section of the course. The project should be submitted on Brightspace no later than 1:00 PM on the due date (only one group member needs to submit it).A hard copy will be submitted to the instructor as well at the beginning of class on the due date. Late submissions will not be accepted and will automatically be given a grade of zero.NO EXCEPTIONS!

Company Analysis – Project Description

The purpose of this project is to apply class concepts and techniques on a real company while integrating the Bloomberg information technology system.

Assume the role of a consulting firm when preparing the report to be addressed to the management of the company. The report should be maximum 10 pages (single-spaced), not including any appendixes. While you can use your creativity and judgment in deciding on the exact format, the report should look professional (you should feel comfortable presenting it to the CEO of the company!) and be based on the following steps:

  • Select the company your group is interested in. This should be a publicly traded non-financial company with at least 3 years of trading history and 3 sets of annual financial statements. Avoid money loosing companies and REITS. If in doubt about your company choice, please clear it out with your instructors.
  • Obtain the company’s three most recent filings and annual reports.
  • Describe the company. Make sure you understand the company (industry prospects, competitive position, and corporate strategies).
  • Corporate governance analysis: does this company have a separation between management and ownership (controlling or minority ownership)? What other potential conflicts of interest if any do you see in this firm? How does the company manage its image in society? (look at the company’s corporate actions, insider trading, institutional ownership, etc.)

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