Assignment instructions
Choose a company or organization IN TORONTO you have an interest in learning more about. Conduct a thorough research on the company using several resources: company website, newspaper articles, social media, company marketing material, annual reports, and library.
Below are suggested areas of research:
? Mission / vision / values statement
? Company size / market share
? Public or private
? Number of employees
? Description of products &/or services
? Contact information: address, contact information, location(s), website
? Date established, mergers and acquisitions
? Competitors
? Market productivity, sales volume
An information interview is where you interview an industry contact for the purpose of gathering further information on your company or career of interest and further, to make industry connections. The type of company/career information you may want to gather is: hiring practices, typical career pathways, company values, types of skills they look for, corporate culture.
Contact the company you have researched, with an aim to connect with someone to conduct your informational interview. Human Resources department or a department manager is a good starting place. You will need to ask for 15-20 minutes of the person’s time, either by telephone or in person. If you are conducting the interview in person, ensure you are dressed in business attire, and go prepared with your list of questions. You may also want to bring a copy of your resume in case the conversation leads to an opportunity to ask for feedback. It is also recommended to bring a folder with paper and pen to take notes, avoid writing word-per-word, since this takes too long, use shorthand notes instead. It is appropriate to ask the contact for permission before you begin taking notes on the conversation. Voice recording is not recommended, as it uncomfortable for many. Lastly, send a thank you to the contact person for the time they have spent.
Upon completion of the information interview, you are to complete a 4 page, typed, report containing the company research and the following details:
Minimum 4 page report including:
1. Company research     ( Mission / vision / values statement,Company size/market share,Public or private,Number of employees,Description of products &/or services,Contact information: address, contact information, location(s), website, Date established, mergers and acquisitions,Competitors,Market productivity, sales volume)
2. Company name
3. Contact name & title (business card)
4. Date and time of interview
5. Questions and answers
6. Your overall impression of the experience
7. Suggestions for improvement of your future information interviews
8. One significant thing that you learned from the experience
You will want to come up with your own questions for an information interview, but you can also consider these:
? What do you do in a typical day?
? What do you like most/least about your job?
? What gets you motivated to come to work every day?
? What is your level of freedom to solve problems and take action on the job?
? What types of decisions are made that affect your job? Do you have any influence over these?
? What personal qualities or abilities are important to being successful in this job?
? What skills and experience are required for this job?
? What values and personal needs influenced your decision to work in this field?
? What knowledge, training, or education is required for this type of work?
? What types of training do companies typically offer persons entering this field?
? What entry-level jobs allow employees to learn as much as possible?
? Are there expectations that you will become involved in other activities outside of the work day (e.g., community involvement, volunteer work)?
? How did you find your job?
? Is there a career path in your field?
? What are the salary ranges for entry-level and advanced positions in the field?
? How does your work contribute to the organization’s overall goals or mission?
? What is the demand for people in this occupation?

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