comparative essay between apocalypse now and another film we have watched in class

This paper asks you to approach Apocalypse Now in tandem with one of the related texts or films on the syllabus: Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Nicholas Roeg’s film version of Conrad’s novel, or Pontecorvo’s Battle of Algiers. You should investigate how Coppola’s film treats one of the following themes: history, colonialism and postcolonialism, or the other (the “native” and/or “primitive”—not necessarily the same). (I am open to suggestions for other themes, but you should present these to me in writing by email first, to receive my sign-off.) Attending to the related material should set in relief Coppola’s treatment. Your paper thus should contain at least two substantial comparisons of scenes, storylines, themes, cinematography, and/or other features of Coppola’s film and the presentation you select. In all these cases, you should attend to the formal aspects of the items in question as well as their content. Be sure to offer citations that you paraphrase if you are working with a text or specific descriptions of scenes (and the time when they appear), which you further interpret, when discussing films. The paper should be 1750-2450 words (approx 5-7 pages).

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