Competitive Research and Analysis – Marketing –

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Identify and describe the key data the company should know about the competition’s key competitive products. Begin with the following categories, and add any others that might be additionally
useful for the product selected:
1.Market share.
2.Product appeal.
4.Growth potential.
5.Unique selling proposition.
Explain how the company (Johnson & Johnson, Neutrogena – Anti-Residue Shampoo) could obtain that data on the competition’s key competitive products, which would become what is referred to as
“competitive intelligence.”
Part 2: Competitive Analysis (Approx. 2 pages):
Conduct a competitive analysis for the chosen product based on available and free resources. Complete the following:
Preliminary Analysis.
Select and describe the two most significant competitive factors for the product you chose.
Select and briefly describe the key competitors and competitive products for your chosen company and product.
Comparative Ratings.
Select a scale and rate your product and the competitive products based on your two chosen factors.
Justify your ranking.
Perceptual Mapping.
Using Excel, create a perceptual map, as follows:
Build a two-dimensional matrix, using the competitive factors as the X and Y axes.
Locate and plot each product—the one you chose and the competitive products you researched—in the appropriate locations in the matrix.
Attach perceptual map in the appendix to this assignment. The appendix is counted as the 4th page in the page count of this paper.
Analysis and Conclusions.
Explain how your selected product compares with the competition, based on what you discover in this analysis. Be specific about the factors involved.
Explain your conclusions about the selected product:
Its competitive position.
The implications for enhancing its marketing.

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