complete campaign paper

HPR 555 Health Communication Paper 3

Follow this guidance:

ï‚· Identify the steps in your paper by name.

ï‚· Include page numbers.

Include sources.

ï‚· Page length is not to exceed 8 pages, double spaced, and including the one-page ad.

Step 1. Develop a detailed one-page promotional advertisement for your health topic (think bus ad, flyer, billboard, infographic, etc.) Review step 2 below first.

ï‚· Use appropriate graphics, text, and grade level text for your audience.

ï‚· Include your three key messages from paper

2. o The audience should be able to understand what you want them to do after reading your promotional ad.

ï‚· Include a tagline or slogan.

ï‚· Include where they can get more information.

ï‚· Include educational information about the health topic. o What are the health benefit(s) to them for completing the behavior? o Include any knowledge or awareness or risk information they might need to know to spur them to action.

ï‚· See provided examples.

Step 2 Step 2a. Explain what approach you used to develop your health communication material? (see pages 345-352 of book) ï‚· Positive or negative affect appeals?

ï‚· Emotional appeals?

ï‚· Novel or shocking messages?

ï‚· Gain-framed or loss framed?

ï‚· Guilt?

 Narrative or story-telling? Step 2b. Explain what are the “costs” and rewards of your health behavior to the target audience? Step 2c. Explain how your ad is culturally inclusive and sensitive?

Step 3. Explain how existing policies or regulations could impact your campaign efforts? Include a minimum of one positive and one negative examples.

Step 4. Using the information from paper 2 about how your program will be implemented, summarize the obstacles you anticipate arising in the implementation process. Then address how you could overcome these hurdles (include at least 3 obstacles).

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