computer security web application php

Task 1[14 marks]

Develop a simple web application, which will have three features: user registration, user login and submission of CV. (4 marks)

System will allow users to create an account. Students should identify different suitable fields for registration. Users must be able to log back into the system using their passwords. The system must store passwords in the form of hash values. (3 marks)

The system must allow registered users to submit their PDF or MS Word format CV only. The system must be safe to use and must not be exploited. (7 marks)

Task 2[6 marks]

a) Write an NSE script that turns on/off the firewall on the Windows OS. (3 marks)

b) Install a Windows OS on AWS or use an already OS if it is available to you. Apart from script, you will need to provide a screen recording evidence (video) with commentary. If the evidence is not 100% clear that you have recorded it, you will not get marks for this part of the task. (3 marks). (video recording needed)

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