construction/ Civil Engineering: AutoCADD drawing (Elevation and contour lines using the method of interpolation) –

construction/ Civil Engineering: AutoCADD drawing (Elevation and contour lines using the method of interpolation)
This is the assignment description. You only need to do the drawing section on the back see “Results”
go to this link to find (collected data from GPS)
Florida Institute of Technology . CVE 2080 Construction Measurements Lab
Fall 2015 Page1
1. Gain an understanding of using the GPS device.
2. Take elevation readings using the GPS device.
3. Draw a contour map based on the elevations obtained.
Section 17.5 – Contours on page 471
Section 18.9 – Contour Interval on page 514
Section 18.10 – Plotting Contours on page 514
Using the GPS device and other methods used in previous labs, determine
elevations at points within a given transect. The readings shall be taken as a grid
with no reading less than 15 feet from the previous reading. After the elevations
of the transect are known a contour map of the transect shall be developed and
compared to the results of previous labs.
1. GPS Rover
2. Scepter PDA
3. Rod
4. Rod level
5. 50-meter tape
A five-sided closed traverse has been staked off by the Olin Physical Science Building.
No Benchmark is provided for the purposes of this lab.
Establish a grid using the 50-meter tape and marker pins by using the following
procedure. The grid should enclose the entire traverse. It should consist of points no
further than 15 feet from the previous point.
1. ’Place the battery in the GPS rover.
2. Turn on both the PDA and the GPS rover. Ensure that the GPS states that it
is in ‘fTSM Rover” mode.
3. Ensure that the PDA is connected to the T-Mobile data service plan.
4. Open the SuerE program in the start menu of the PDA.
5. Create a new folder with your group name and a new file for your group to
begin taking the readings.
6. Connect the GPS Rover to the PDA by entering the equipment menu and
selecting rover. Then click the check mark to initialize the connection.
7. Choose the survey option and begin to take reading ensuring that hsig and
vsig are within the allowable tolerances.
These procedures are general for the use of the GPS. Procedures included in report
should be much more detailed.

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