contextual research essay 3

writing a contextual essay about the reading “The Dog Ate My Tablet, and Other Tales of Woe” from the book “Pattern for college writing 14th edition” ( I will attach the book so you do not need to buy it. and the reading is on page 647).

the essay main theme is going to be about students excuses and it has to be 5-6 pages, MLA format, 4 sources.

i will attach the requirements and how you need to write it (please follow it exactly). and there are few things to consider as well.

the essay requires 4 sources and i have two already:

the first one is the reading itself which you can also use as source of the types of students excuses .

the second source is the article in this link and you can use it to talk about the truthfulness of students excuses since they mentioned an experiment about that.

it is important to use those two sources so please use them and find two more.

If you have any question ask me.

thank you so much

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