Control Stock (answer the questions) –

Control Stock (answer the questions)
Task A Short answer questions (50words) (simple answer)
1. In controlling your stock, what is the link between product life cycle and stock replenishment?
2. What are fast moving and slow moving stocks. Provide examples of each classes of stocks and explain how they should be ordered in the context of hospitality?
3. What types of storage would be suitable for the variety of stocks listed above. Provide relevant examples of each detailing which is their suitable stock room.
4. Describe and briefly explain three (3) methods you can use to monitor and maintain stock levels?
5. What products need safety and security measures when ordering them? What features would you consider? Please make examples to explain.
6. In order to be sure that your stock records are valid, how often you do stock take?
7. How would you undertake a stock take within a hospitality environment? How would you rectify these discrepancies with the records?
TaskB; Written Project (500words)
You are creating a ready reference for new employees. (Just explain about below questions.)
??For the receipt and dispatch of goods (how would you receipt and dispatch for goods)
??To maintain stock records (how would you maintain for stock records)
??To conduct a full stock take and cyclical counts (or equivalents). (how would you conduct a full stock take and cyclical counts or equivalents)

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