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Cooperative learning
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cooperative learning
I am providing a sample Paper
The paper will explain your chosen strategy and its current use and/or how you would implement it in school settings.
• The paper must be typed by the student using Microsoft Word (no other software program is acceptable).
• The body of the paper must be four to five pages (double-spaced) in length.
• APA format is required.
• Utilize a professional style of writing with no contractions (“can’t”), slang (“a lot”), or first person (“I”).
• A minimum of six sources is required; at least four of the six sources must be journal articles. Journal articles selected for article reviews may also be included as sources for the paper.
• Include a title page with the name of the paper, your name, course number, and a running head.
• Type short heading and page number at upper right margin on each page. [In Microsoft Word, click “View” and then “Header and Footer.”]
• Prepare an Abstract (following the title page) to summarize the paper in one paragraph. [To begin a new page in Microsoft Word, click “Insert” and then “Page Break.”
• Type the References page at the end of the paper. Entries must follow APA Style, alphabetized by author’s last name, with hanging indent
• Double-space the paper.
• Follow the four-page minimum for the paper (includes text only, not the three pages listed above).
• Cite sources within the paper in the form (author, year). Every source cited in the paper must be in the References; every entry in the References must be cited in the paper.
Sample Special Education Journals:
• American Annals of the Deaf
• American Journal on Mental Retardation
• Behavior Disorders
• Beyond Behavior
• Clearing House
• Diagnostique
• Education and Training in Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities
Exceptional Children
• Exceptional Parent
• Focus on Exceptional Children
• Gifted Child Quarterly
• Journal for the Education of Gifted
• Journal of Learning Disabilities
• Journal of Special Education
• Language and Speech
• Physical Therapy
• Remedial and Special Education

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