Corrosion –

my part on this project is Corrosion data analyzing ” like MPY” on the power-point and the corrosion portion on the formal report
Group Number
Section (Mon 2PM, Tues 2PM, Wed 2PM, Thurs 2PM)
Group Members
Project Outline:
1. Objective – What do you plan to accomplish? Why is this important, useful or significant?
2. Materials – What materials will you need? Specific alloys and quantities.
3. Testing Equipment that will be used
4. Testing Matrix
Alloys How many Sample prep Test Temperature
Examples: 6061 Al 3 Tensile sample Tensile 26 C
70-30 cartridge brass 9 Anneal, Cold work, tensile, metallography 26 C, 350 C, 700 C
1018 steel 15 Charpy notched Charpy impact -70C to 100 C
What tests will you do?
How many samples per test?
What information will be obtained from the test? Why are you doing this test?
5. What sample preparation is necessary (tensile, Charpy, metallography)
6. Other considerations to think about
Time constraints
Group member interests
Time to prepare samples

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