counterintelligence collection

You are a counterintelligence officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) assigned to the Critical Technology Protection Division. Your division is responsible for providing counterintelligence support to research, development, and acquisition (RDA) missions. To accomplish this mission, your team has been asked to provide a counterintelligence threat briefing to a major defense contractor responsible for the research and development of critical U.S. defense technology. The purpose of this report is to help prevent foreign threats from acquiring U.S. critical program information to exploit and degrade its combat effectiveness and technical superiority.

The chosen technology is: Sensors and Lasers Technology

Once your group has chosen a piece of critical technology, each member of the group must prepare a counterintelligence threat assessment of 1,000 words or more about the group’s selected technology.

  • Using the information from the course materials, the textbook, outside research, and the small group discussion, provide a threat assessment introduction on counterintelligence collection.
    • What methods and techniques are used in counterintelligence collection? Explain.
    • What are common sources for counterintelligence? Explain.
  • Using the information from the course materials, the textbook, outside research, and the small group discussion, draft the body of your counterintelligence threat assessment about the selected technology. The assessment should include the following sections:
    • A description and brief summary of the technology
    • Applications for which the technology is used
    • Which organizations use this piece of technology
    • Who develops or manufactures this technology
    • Which foreign adversaries are potentially interested in this technology
    • Methods this adversary may use to acquire this technology
    • Implications if this technology were to be compromised
    • Possible vulnerabilities for protecting this technology
    • Recommendations to safeguard this technology
  • Compile your responses in your final individual threat assessment, and submit the file.
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