course evaluation overview

A 1 page maximum paper is due explaining the following questions:

For this project, I would like you to write a paper regarding this course.

What did you think about this course?

I really enjoyed the course as the overall class workload was spread throughout the semester & therefore an easier work load to get assignments completed.

How was it set up?

The course assignments due consisted of 2 papers, 2 cyber projects (1 attached) & 2 exams. The course chapters that were covered had a module for each section with detailed recorded lectures, powerpoints and videos/articles to reference.

How did you like it?

I personally enjoyed the spread outness when it came to assignments being due. Being able to have extra time to complete an assignment while taking 5 others is always nice! The course workload could have been a little more to help better understand each module. The assigned work load before the 2 projects were removed seemed doable & could have been completed before the semester.

Did you learn from it?


Was there too much or too little information?

I believe each module provided each of us with the accurate information needed to study the topic & continue to feed off the other modules. Overall the amount of information provided was great. Again the only thing I wish was that more assignments were included to better help the averages.

And what about the instruction and instructor?

Instructions were a little confusing for me at times but not more than a handful. There were many times I had difficulty finding assignments once they were open, so I would suggest having the assignments laid out more clearly for navigation through the site to be easier for everyone!

Was the instruction straight forward or were there problems?

For the most part instructions were straightforward as I stated my issue was navigating to finding which module they would be located in once open.

And was the instructor helpful or not?

The instructor was available via the virtual office whenever needed which was nice and not done before with other professors. He was also helpful in providing the class with a review before the test and answering any questions.

These are just “suggested” questions to get you started and thinking about what to write. You do NOT need to answer these specific questions, just write about what you think about the course.

And finally – please let me know at least ONE thing that you learned from the course that you will be able to use in your future.

I have attached the paper that was previously written by you for this course. This is technically the only assignment that was given. I have also attached another module different from the paper that you can pull information from on 1 thing to summarize learning.

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