create a complete web site that will greatly enhance your chosen project you need 1

Create a complete web site that will greatly enhance your chosen project. You need: • An attractively styled home page that includes a banner background image appropriately themed with your name and your site’s layered on the banner. • A page that will highlight the main offerings of your site such as room images, menus, and shopping items, etc. These items must be realistic pricing must appear on this page. It must be in a responsive table or a flex-box but should be in a border free table for easy comparison. • A page that a detailed, validated contact form. The validation must include the conversion to uppercase for the first letters of first name, last name, and city. • A page to discuss the support services available (you may add links to local support / maintenance services also (i.e. other dining opportunities in a nearby town) but not exclusively). The services will be presented as an ordered list for major categories (i.e. transportation, maintenance, cleaning, etc. ) with the specific hours of operation (such as dates and times) appearing as an unordered lists within the category (i.e. lessons, competitions, or other items of interest). You can elect to use image‐styled‐ lists or not. The preference is that you will. • Each page will have an appropriate banner on the page and on the browser tab to show the viewer the purpose of the page that they are viewing. • The home page must be an index page. All pages in the site will contain a link back to the home page. • You will have a nav bar for viewers to naviagte your site. • Images matter! They must be relevant and of good taste and sized accordingly. Responsive is required. • All tables must be styled using the nth child • All images and stylesheets must be in an appropriately named folder within the site. • You must have dynamic rollover hyper‐links that will demonstrate a change in color, size, or font or all three. Look up link hover in W3Schools. A drop-down nav scheme is also acceptable. • You must have an auto-chart included either in a page or as a separate page that will depict 12 key data points for your business. The bars must have labels and show exceptions as a seperate color. You will have at least two exceptions. • Your site must be constructed a a complete site structure. Your compressed site structure is the only acceptable file. Your goal is to make your site attractive enough that people will want to conduct business with you. You need to highlight the important considerations that a prospective customer would want to know about your business in order to make an informed decision. You will be graded on the sites functionality as defined above, as well as it aesthetic appeal. Submittal: You will submit your midterm in one zipped folder to the Moodle site not later than midnight, Friday , December 13, 2019. Be sure to include all folders and pages in your submittal.

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