create queries and dml commands and captures the output including sql commands output and rows retrieved

Each member creates CREAT TABLE commands and INSERT commands of assigned tables. Note that data to be inserted must be agreed in advance among members due to the consistency between PKs and FKs.

• A member collects them in one file and test them to see whether they all work fine. Then, the member shares the DDL and INSERT among members.

• Once the complete DDL and INSERT works, then members get together and decides what queries and what DML commands to create for each member. The queries should be meaningful and complex enough ones that contain at least two of the following a) multi-table joins, b) aggregate functions; c) several WHERE conditions on date or string fields, etc.

• Each member creates the whole database in each member’s account. • Each member can create their own queries and DML commands and captures the output, including SQL commands, output, and #rows retrieved.

• Each member displays all the data of assigned tables using SELECT * command. • A member collects all the SQL and DML outputs.

My team member gitHub:

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