creating an diagram 150 200 words please read the details in the description very carefully

This week you learned about the intersection of food, culture, and many other variables that influence what we consume. Reflect on your own eating habits. Think about all of the influences that contribute to your eating habits, such as family, finances, friends, environment etc. For a help – you may use as the example to ask yourself any of these questions:

How many meals do you eat each day? What are the major holidays you and your family celebrate each year?How often do you snack each day?What type of food do you consider a snack? At a family meal who should be present? What, if any, utensils do you use when you eat? How do your food habits differ from your family norms, from friends, from people you work with? In what significant way they differ? What is your opinion about people who don’t share your food habits?Are you willing to try new foods? Does nutritional knowledge influence your eating pattern? Are your food habits influenced by morality and ethics? Do you follow any specific rules in your eating habits because of your belief?

Post 1: Create and upload a simple diagram or graphic that shows all of the influences on your choices and your consumption. Then describe your diagram and why you selected the influences that you did. What did you learn about why you eat what you eat? (150-200 words)

You can use any program you want to create this. You can even sketch it out if you have artistic talent! Please upload a .PDF, .JPG, or .PNG.

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