critical analysis 71

Step 1: Select a piece in a local gallery. You must physically be in front of this piece of work in order to utilize it for this assignment. You may not find a piece online and only view it online. Visit your piece and complete a formal analysis worksheet on that piece. You will be submitting your completed worksheet as a PDF with your final paper.

Step 2: Take the completed worksheet and translate your notes into a paper. The paper must be formatted in current APA style, complete with in-text citations and a bibliography with at least 3 sources (1 of which will be the piece itself). The paper must be at least 2 pages (this is a minimum requirement and would result in a C-level paper). The paper must be formally written (avoiding the use of first-person perspective) and exhibit an application and understanding of terms and principles learned during the course. The paper must be organized to follow the process outlined in the 7 steps of the gallery analysis, but it must not include a description of the process (i.e. First, I looked at the piece and then I described the piece…).

Step 3: Submit your finished paper and the PDF version of your notes to the assignment submission link in Blackboard.

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