critique prompt

For this project, write a thoughtful, well-focused critique of at least 2 ½ pages.You may choose to critique (1) a textbook for one of your major courses, (2) a trade book related to your major’s profession, (3) a reference book related to your major’s discipline, (4) a journal in your major’s discipline, (5) a Web site connected to your field of academic study, or (6) the Web site of a professional organization in your major’s field.

Project 4: A Critique Additional Information: For the thesis, you should introduce the source by stating any authors or editors, the title, and then phrasing that indicates that you will be critiquing the source.In the body of the paper, the critique, you may follow one of two patterns, depending on the evaluation you are doing.Depending on what source you are critiquing, one list may be easier than another for your source.

List 1:General Criteria:

  • Qualifications of the author,
  • The source’s accessibility for someone at your basic level of expertise,
  • The kinds of information that will help you.

List 2:Quality of an Argument:

  • The credibility, reliability, and reputation of the author (ethos),
  • The logical nature of arguments made, validity of conclusions, and avoidance of errors in reasoning (logos),
  • The avoidance of opinion, emotional manipulation, or bias (pathos).

The word critique here does not mean you should be negative.It means you are assessing the quality of the source.You can criticize if necessary, but since the source should be a good source for your profession, be positive as well.

As always, if you take from a source, be sure to include proper citations (MLA) and a Works Cited page.

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