cultural or ethnic, and/or gender experiences in the family –

* Put Subheading for each section in the rubric and write about every point in each section. The learning section has to be 1 and half page
* The paper will discuss Refugee family from Uganda and they speak Swahili. Father 45 years Mother 30 years and 6 children ( 2 girls, 4 boys) The oldest 8 years, 7,6,5,2,1
The family has 1 son who 5 has autistic and no speaking no understand, He just started attend special education school before 4 months.
*** You have to add and create other details based on the instructions in the rubric. Also, you can add some problem for the family BUT Notice it has to be for ( Refugee Family)
* when you write about My leanings as the rubric Notice I have my internship now at refugee center and I work with refugees families to help them and provide them services
Use this book as source and add 3 more
Van Hook, M. (2014). Social work practice with families: A resiliency based approach. Chicago, IL:
Lyceum Books. ISBN 9781935871309
SWRK 622: Grading Rubrics
Family of Origin Paper (150 points)
Students will prepare a 5-8 page family of origin paper that identifies social, cultural or ethnic, and/or gender experiences in the family. It should discuss the potential impact these
experiences have upon the student in working with families in treatment and identify areas for further development for the student’s preparation as a professional. In addition, it should include a
family genogram to facilitate further exploration of the family unit.
While a point system is used to objectively grade this paper, emphasis will be on your ability to focus, write clearly, and integrate what you have learned through course readings, additional
readings, experience, and class materials. In summary, you are expected to write a university level paper. Papers have higher clarity when following the SAY-SAY-SAY method. Tell me what you are
going to tell me; tell me; then tell me what you told me.
DUE DATE: See syllabus for due date.
POINTS = 150
Points will be subtracted from the total as follows:
Miscellaneous Points: Late – 10% per day
Paper Sections
Introduction _____ of 5
Solid discussion of what you will tell me in the paper. This should be written well enough to be an abstract in an article. This might be the section you will use for your one page summary
discussion for class (a bit expanded).
Family Structure /Unique Family Characteristics _____ of 20
Provide a succinct synopsis of the highlights within your family. Think of this as a short psychosocial on your own family. Insure that you include a demographics section (that links easily with
your genogram)
Describe the composition (who is in the family), your family’s unique culture (consider such things as race, class, ethnicity, rural vs. urban, etc.), and discuss how this is reflected in the
system’s structure and dynamics. Describe your family system’s boundaries (between the generations, around the subsystems and the family as a whole). How is your family unique from other families
in terms of diversity characteristics? Areas to consider exploration: social, cultural, ethnic, rural vs. urban. These characteristics should set the stage for your next section on family
Overview of Family Dynamics _____ of 10
Describe informal and formal roles of the family members and describe a typical interaction that occurs that involves multiple family members. Discuss each member’s communication style
(direct/indirect, clear/unclear), rules regarding expression of emotion how these (communication style and emotional expression) are reinforced through the interaction (i.e. demonstrate your
understanding of circular causality/reciprocal interaction).
Genogram ________ of 15
Provide a genogram for your family. See Van Hook for details
Van Hook, M. (2014). Social work practice with families: A resiliency based approach. Chicago, IL:
Lyceum Books. ISBN 9781935871309
You can feel free to use online versions (typed) or do a hand written version. If you use a hand written version, you will need to scan and turn in as part of your paper.
Learning Exploration _____ of 35
Discuss your learning experience with this particular assignment. Were there any “light bulb” moments in your learning this material? Explore which components of your family dynamics that you
“uncovered” that will assist in your future family treatment work. Explore which components of your family dynamics that you “uncovered” that will hinder your future family treatment work. This
should be at least a 1 page section.
Personal Plan _____ of 10
What is your personal plan to deal with the components you found that might hinder your future family treatment work? So, in other works, how will you put a plan in place to not allow this to hurt
future clients? Include all strategies you plan to implement in your social work practice. This plan should include supervision,
Conclusion _____ of 5
Review the main points in your paper. Discuss future concepts for review if applicable. Make sure to write a solid section and not give short change to this important section.
Content Points (maximum of 100): _______
Writing Rubric Points (max of 50): _______

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