cyber plan action items for employees

Module Description: Not all your security controls will be IT controls. Many of them will relate to what your staff should and should not do and the threat from social engineering. There are also additional threats to the company’s security when employees are terminated or quit on poor terms. Therefore, an overall plan also needs to address behaviors and threats.

Develop a set of cyber security policies for cyber security policies to decrease unintentional or intentional security risks due to employee actions.You should follow good design and policy practices so that the policies are not so long that they become unusable, but also not vague that they are hard to enforce or follow.This should include:

  • A policy that establishes security roles and responsibilities for different levels of employees
  • A policy on what information can and should be given over the phone or to walk in visitors.
  • As policy on what to do when an employee is fired or quits in regards to devices, information, software, and access.Design an Employee Departure Checklist
  • A policy and procedure for employees to use in the case of a suspected breach or attempted attack.
  • A policy for employees traveling overseas carrying devices that either belongs to the company or personal devices with work related work or access on them.
  • A policy to safeguard printed material
  • Employee Exit Checklist
  • Employee Acknowledgement document

APA format 4-6 pages

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