cybr assignment 4

CYBR 525 – Assignment 4

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Enumeration Lab

You have now completed initial scans of the target network using nmap. Our next step is to enumerate the systems which we found. The goal of enumeration is to try to find information about the target system such as operating systems, shares, users, and services. You will complete this lab using the Kali and Windows systems assigned to you in the toxic lab. Answer the questions in red below and submit through the assignment link.

A tool which can be used to conduct enumeration on a target is Sparta. Sparta is located in Kali under Applications and Information Gathering. Start Sparta and click on the host panel on the left. Enter a scan range which is appropriate for the scan you are wanting to conduct. Go back to your notes from your nmap scans, which systems of interest did you find? Remember hosts with on the network in the range should not be scanned as they are student systems. Leave the default options selected for this initial scan. The scan will begin automatically.

Review the Sparta results checking the various tabs. What does your analysis of the information returned by Sparta tell you about the target systems? Provide your analysis for each system – for example on hosts 192.168.25.x you found this, on 192.168.25.y you found this. Which options did you use to gather this information?

Last week you created a system topology of what you thought the target network and hosts look like based on your system scans with nmap. Update this map based on the information returned from your Sparta scans. Did you find any of your assumptions from your initial topology were wrong?

You will usually want to run multiple tools during scanning and enumeration to either confirm results or see if a new tool shows different results. Research another tool which can provide enumeration information during a pentest. This tool could be one mentioned in your reading for the week or one you find from your own research. Provide a two to three page paper describing the tool you have selected. Describe how it could be used in a pentest. Include details such as:

  • What is the name of the tool, how can you acquire it, which operating systems do you need to run it?
  • What information can the tool provide?
  • Are there any limitations to using the tool, for example what types of systems you can collect information from, or does it only work against older operating systems?
  • Can it be used from the WAN against a target or must you be on the LAN?
  • Does it require that you have credentials for the target system? Will it provide more information if you have credentials than if you don’t? What information?
  • Any other information you find valuable.
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